Shareholder Accounting Software providing complete stock transfer, dividend reinvestment, corporate action processing and proxy services in an integrated environment.
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CU Share - Equity Processing
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Notice & Access Now: Benefits
Shareholder Notice & Access Mailing
- Template or Custom mailings that show the ease of accessing materials and voting by internet
- Follow-up proxy card mailing
- Mail segregation services
Notice & Access Now

Meeting materials available
on the internet

Easy access to materials
and voting site

Standard and Custom,
Branded Shareholder Portals

Indexed, Searchable documents
Shareholder Access
- Hosted website access to shareholder meeting materials
- Access to for secure online voting
- Toll-free touch-tone phone and email access to request materials
- Database tracking of delivery preferences
Shareholder Information Request Fulfillment
- Hard copy mailing within 3 business days
- Electronic delivery of searchable, printable materials
- Tracking of Shareholder Delivery Preferences